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Friday, June 28, 2013

Google 'working on videogame console'

The new hardware would allow Google to compete with rumored products from its rival, Apple , including a next generation TV that will include a video-game console and an Apple smart watch.
The internet search giant is planning to design and market the two devices and then release at least one of them this autumn, according to reports.
Google's smart-watch is expected to connect to smartphones using Bluetooth technology, much like its Google Glass product. Wearable computing is a key focus for major technology companies and Samsung has also said it has plans for an Android-based smart-watch.
Google also has some experience in the video-games market, as games that run on Android software are growing more quickly than those made for Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo consoles.
The Wall Street Journal reported the developments based on unnamed sources "familiar with the matter" and also claimed Google is planning to release a second version of its media-streaming device Nexus Q.
The first version of Google's home entertainment device was revealed last year but was criticized for costing $299 (£195) and never went on sale to the public.
Google's next attempt at the Android-based device is expected to be much less expensive, according to Wall Street Journal sources. The product should help Google sell more music through its streaming service, Google Play.
The technology company is also reportedly working on low cost Android smartphones that would be released in developing markets, including places where Google plans to help create wireless networks.
Google did not respond to requests for comment.

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