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Monday, August 5, 2013

Former SAP exec faces 30 days in jail for stealing LEGOs

Former SAP exec faces 30 days in jail for stealing LEGOs
August 3, 2013 10:47 AM
Silicon Valley may have its very own version of the Winona Ryder scandal.
While Ms Ryder was caught on camera pilfering $5000 of swank swag, a former SAP executive was arrested in May for a scheme to steal LEGO.
LEGO is more expensive than you might think, and may even set you back $100 for a new kit. So Thomas Langenbach, 48, pasted fraudulent bar codes on toys at four different Target stores, so he could pay reduced prices at check out.
Langenbach was arrested in May, but took a plea deal this week, reports the Palo Alto Weekly .
Reporter Sue Dremann uncovered more details in the criminal complaint, filed at the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.
Thomas Langenbach joined SAP in 1988
Thomas Langenbach joined SAP in 1988
Langenbach allegedly created the bar codes on his computer. He was able to make off with a $279 box of Millennium Falcon LEGOS for just $49, and a $90 Anakin Lego set for about $35. He made a hefty profit by selling the discounted toys on eBay.
His sentence? Three years probation and six months in custody. 30 days will be spent in county jail, and he will be required to wear an ankle monitor for 150 days. He will allegedly pay restitution for the items, valued at $345.
Langenbach joined SAP in 1988, and rose to the position of vice president of integration at SAP Labs, according to his LinkedIn profile . He has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, and reportedly lives in a Silicon Valley home worth millions.

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