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Monday, August 5, 2013

Google brings (a bit of) touch support to Chrome

While Google Chrome may be the browser of choice for many , there's still one area where it's severely lacking: touch. Chrome was never designed to be used with touch screens so on today's hybrid touch-enabled laptops it falls far behind Microsoft's IE .
Luckily, Google seems to be taking small steps to fix this situation. In the latest Canary build , Chrome finally gets some touch support with a few navigation features as well as the very basic pinch-to-zoom capability.
Chrome now lets you swipe to navigate forwards or backwards on a webpage, just like Internet Explorer 10 and 11 do. And if you go poking around the Flags section of the browser you can also find the “enable pinch scale” option which lets you zoom in and out. Windows 8 also gets a tiny bit of love with Chrome fully supporting the on-screen keyboard on the desktop.
Of course Google isn't doing this just out of the kindness of their hearts. With a steadily growing number of touch-enabled Windows 8 devices out there, and the tiny invisible fraction of Chrome Pixels that also feature touchscreens, the company is simply ensuring that its own browser will still be the browser of choice for many users.

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