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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Google brings Now features to Search

Google Now is a very impressive product, highlighting importing info that a user might need at any given time. And it seems the product is so popular that Google has decided to add the same capabilities to Google Search.
Confirming old rumors , the company will start rolling out changes to Search in the following days that will allow US English-speaking users who are logged on to ask contextual questions to find the data they need. Some examples would be typing, or simply using voice search to ask “What’s my flight status? “ or “When will my package arrive?”. Google will then search through your e-mails, calendar and Google+ profile to bring you an info card, the same way it does in Google Now.
You’ll even be able to ask Google to show you a specific category of images such as “images I took in Thailand” – which will then show you your Google+ images geo-tagged in Thailand. This is very similar to what Facebook has done with its Graph Search feature.
You’ll be able to use this new type of search for flights, reservations, purchases, and as mentioned above photos. You’ll also be able to get a complete view of upcoming events by asking Google “What are my plans for tomorrow?” which will show you a summary of all the other categories.
It’s impressive to see how far these searching algorithms have come in recent years and you can bet money that it won’t take too long before Google expands these capabilities even further.

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