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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nvidia Releases Shield Open Source Software

It's open season for Nvidia's Android-powered handheld.

Nvidia has released the open source software for its Shield handheld , which runs the extremely mod-friendly Android operating system. By using the source code for Shield, like with other Android devices, developers with the proper skills can make modifications to the device's operating system, which can then be enjoyed by others willing to make the jump.
Nvidia does warn that it can reject product returns if the device has been rooted or unlocked so, as usual, you'll want to really think about what you may be giving up by going this route. Fortunately, the company also provided a binary recovery image for use in case tinkering with your Shield takes a turn for the worst and you need to revert the device back to its original state.
If you've got the chops to take on the Tegra 4-powered handheld of the future, feel free to head over Nvidia's Developer Zone  and download the appropriate files.

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