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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Skype for Windows Phone 8 gets updated with new features

Skype continues to support its many different mobile platforms with new app releases and the Windows Phone 8 app is no exception. Today, Skype and its parent company Microsoft have released the 2.9 version of the Windows Phone 8 app with two new features.
The Skype blog says that the 2.9 version contains a better people filter for when users want to split up their Skype contact list from their list of Windows Phone contacts. Microsoft states, "So, in 2.9 we’ve added a filter so you can see either all your contacts, just Skype contacts, or only available contacts."
The second new feature concerns the Home screen of the app. Microsoft says, "The Skype home screen has been improved so that users can now pivot through app functions. The Favorite Contact tiles are now smaller, fitting three across on the screen so it is faster for you to contact the people you care about most." Finally, the patch notes state there have been some unnamed general fixes and speed improvements for the 2.9 release.
The new version comes just over a month after Skype and Microsoft announced an overall plan to improve all of its mobile apps in the coming months in terms of their reliability and performance as well as making them have less of an effect on a device's battery life.
Source: Skype Image via Microsoft

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