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Monday, October 28, 2013

SAP looks to Manage Govt Data Traffic

Wider scope
Calcutta, Oct. 27: German business software maker SAP is focusing on data management to drive growth in India.
The company is keen to tap the government sector with recent opportunities being thrown up by e-governance and the Unique Identification (UID) projects that involve handling of varied and complex data on a large scale.
According to research firm IDC, the digital universe is expected to grow to 40,000 exabytes of data in 2020 from 130 exabytes in 2005. 1 billion gigabyte (GB) of data make up 1 exabyte.
SAP has earlier worked with states such as Madhya Pradesh to implement solutions in key projects.
The company also sees scope in sectors such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive, mining and telecom.
“The whole UID project is a classic example of data application that will breed a completely new range of big data solutions. We expect to see citizen-related applications move towards a big data scenario much faster. We are definitely looking at the government sector,” said Neeraj Athalye, head of sales, SAP platform & technology business.
SAP is looking to help companies to improve their ability to manage the massive surge in data effectively to make informed decisions.
The plan is to leverage its application HANA, which is offered as a comprehensive infrastructure combined with managed services.
Despite a volatile economy, Athalye said companies continued to invest to make their businesses efficient.
“In such a scenario, we have seen that there is a set of organisations who believe in investing when the speed is slow because they can convert this investment into reality when the market speeds up,” he said.
According to Forrester Research, data available with enterprises grow at an average of 40-50 per cent annually.
Companies use less than five per cent of this data, leaving an enormous amount of information untouched.
India is an important market for SAP, which expects to generate at least 40 per cent of its software revenues from the Asia Pacific and Japan regions by 2015. In 2011, 15 per cent of SAP’s total revenue were generated in these regions against 14 per cent in 2010.

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