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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ubuntu for Android Will Not Support Flash, Developers Say HTML5 Is the Future

Ubuntu for AndroidEnlarge picture - Ubuntu for Android
Ubuntu for Android will arrive with Ubuntu Edge, if the latter manages to get enough funds, but it will not support Flash. 

Three Ubuntu for Android developers, Chris Wayne, Matt Fischer, and Alex Chiang, have had a very productive AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit, revealing some interesting snippets of information.

Besides informing the fans that Ubuntu for Android might not arrive at all if the Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign fails, the developers have also explained a few technical terms.

One of these pieces of information caught my eye and it's related to the use of Flash inside the distribution.

“You can play webm-encoded videos on UfA today. It is highly unlikely we'd ever support Flash for numerous reasons. HTML5 is the future,” responded Alex Chiang to one of the Reddit users.

Flash isn't supported in the Ubuntu distribution by default and users have to install a separate package called restricted-extras.

Ubuntu for Android is a software that allows you to use your Android phone as if it were a PC by plugging it into a monitor. Users will get the complete Ubuntu desktop on the monitor.

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