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Monday, January 29, 2018

Asthma - Cures

Asthma is called when breathing is troubled. This problem is common in people due to the allergic or pollution of something. 

Due to cough, breathing difficulties and nose due to asthma. Thus people get homeopathy medicines to get rid of this problem, but few household remedies can also be relieved in this problem and asthma can be removed.

Dry fenugreek to remove asthma:

Boil methi in water and mix it with honey and ginger juice and drink it everyday.
This will relieve asthma problems.

Powder for removing asthma:

Mix 2 tablespoons chopped powder and mix 1 teaspoon honey and eat it in the morning.
Every day, asthma controls its asthma.

Guard and carrot to remove asthma:

Adding the juice of the spinach and carrot, drinking it daily also reduces the problem of asthma.

Large cardamom to remove asthma:

Eat large cardamom, Khajur and grapes in a bowl, evenly with honey.
His asthma also removes old cough with asthma.

To remove asthma,

Add salt, sindhalu salt, cumin, roasted hing and leaves of Tulsi to 100 ml. Boil in water. Drinking it causes asthma problems to cure.

Paper sheet to remove asthma:

Tomato and pepper leaves weigh 2 grams and mix them with marmalade syrup. Asthma will soon be removed by eating it every day.

Fig to remove asthma:

Soak 4 grams of figs in the water at night. Constipation with asthma will be removed due to eating it in the empty stomach in the morning.

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